PIKA- PI overall (fanart)
PIKA- PI overall (fanart)
PIKA- PI overall (fanart)
PIKA- PI overall (fanart)
PIKA- PI overall (fanart)

PIKA- PI overall (fanart)

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YTR BFF collection

Pikachu fanart overall- inspired by Pikachu from Pokémon 


  • Main body is made with yEllie corduroy
  • 100% cotton
  • Pikachu’s face is embroidered
  • Relaxed fitting
  • Elastic waistband added for extra stretch
  • heart shaped back pockets
  • Side pockets
  • Adjustable (4 button holes on the strap)
  • Thunder shock (electric) symbol patchwork detail on the left leg
  • Slightly cropped trousers -made to show off socks
  • Folded edges - can be unfolded to add leg length 

model is UK 8-10, 5’4 tall, wearing size M. My waist is 28.5-29inches and I don’t really have a butt🫣  

Please note that the overalls does not have side buttons which means it’s a wiggling in style. So if you are pear shaped (have bigger thighs or buttoms)OR IF YOU JUST HAVE AN AMAZING BUTT!!
You should consider 
going up a size or two. 

Full waist meaning the length of the waist fully stretchy out: for example if you are 25"-27" size S would be suitable for you, if your waist is 28" inches you want to consider size M instead of S.  Example two if your waist is 27"(small) but your hip is 40"(medium) I would recommend you to get size M. 

please note that the overalls in the photo is a sample and the final overalls with have some minor adjustment that will NOT affect the look of the overalls. 

Please see the measurement table below for guidance:

Measurements are in inches: